Power Of MK14 Vs Squad | PUBG MOBILE

24 Dek 2020
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  • How to get these coloured outfit and guns?

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  • 9:08 real power of levinho

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  • 7:50 How to make an enemy sandwich step one get an enemy and put it in a bread Step 2 spread bullets Finally close the sandwich and loot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • The weapon I've never seen levinho use is a desert Eagle

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  • I try to play like levinho! Hes an inspiration for me. I use the same phone, same tactics. I understand how much effort he puts in making One video for us ❤️ HE deserves 100 million Subs. LEVINHO please bring us More Content on different subjects.

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  • Challenge : loot enemies flare air drop with any gun

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