NEW M249 Upgradable Skin 😍 | PUBG MOBILE

28 Dek 2020
828 756 Baxış

New M249 skin in PUBG MOBILE
Thanks to Mad Tamizha for the leaks :
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  • 5:01 he knew the location of the guy in the room

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  • Levinho change video like intro crat opening but good

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  • Why i cant see the m249 to upgrade???

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  • ليش تكذب هاذا بكيسي مو مطور

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  • Givrsway Royal pass

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  • I notice both brothers likes M762 Beryl most

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  • Levinho Fingers are so fast

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  • Nice game brother

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  • Tell us about Air prone plz🙏🙏

  • Что за кликбейт бля?

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    • Haan to aane bhi nahi chahiye jhute bhikari

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  • Did anyone notice levinhos 5 mm ammo for m4 in final circle Who wished it to run out and see levinho winning with 1 gun

    ROCKY OPROCKY OP12 gün əvvəl
    • @Arpit hey dont overthink its jst a funny comments eventhough he had it when m4 runs out of ammo everyone get tensed and their gameplay might differ

      ROCKY OPROCKY OP11 gün əvvəl
    • @ROCKY OP And by the way he had extended quickdraw mag . If you play pubg you will get it

      ArpitArpit11 gün əvvəl
    • @ROCKY OP Are you gone mad or what ?

      ArpitArpit11 gün əvvəl
    • @Arpit but if m4 run out of ammo he would definitely got stress and use only groza moreover when he fires jst 1 or 2 bullets hit his body and groza will go for reloading on that gap he must use m4 insted of reloading and id thwre is no ammo on m4 on final circle then ge should reload which may be noticed by enemy if he rushes thet time he have a chance of winning

      ROCKY OPROCKY OP11 gün əvvəl
    • Bro he head groza so why will he use m4 in close range

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  • Who is the leader of the plane??

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  • Kat gya BC agreee

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  • Techer| what is your hobby LEVINO| MY HOBBY IS ALL PLAYER IS LOBBY

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  • 20:19 you are here for....

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  • 5:55 is op

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    • @Arpit tune dekha video bas babut hau

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    • @CR Gaming with Razi Abe to time spam to thik likh hutiye

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    • @Arpit match to hai bhai likhne me galat ho gaya hoga 4:20 per op khela hai magR apko q bur lag raha hai hamko op laga to kah diya

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    • @CR Gaming with Razi Bhai 5:55 par koi match hua tak nahi

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    • @Arpit match dekho bhai 5:55mint wala

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  • I miss rhe pharaoh❤

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  • 2:45 Bro .....They have weapon's but u have talent boy 👋👋👋👋❣️💥

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  • Pls tell me any one.. vedio starting them name..

  • Levinho is not pro player Levinho is legend player Love from afghanistan 🇦🇫😄

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  • Levinho are you speak arabic

  • Every time when people asks me who is the true pro. Good player u like my heart says. ♥️❤️Levinho... But im motivated by him but i have low end device so my videos are not good... No one likes me😭😭😭😩

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  • good game

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  • Nice game and happy new year.... 😎🥳🤩

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  • My mother is not having a job i want to do something for my mother But youtube is not giving me views Ya i am worse then other. Plz help me please guys

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  • new m249 skin...using it for 1 kill and then getting groza....lel...

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  • Nice bro maja aa gaya apka ye video dekhkar op bolta

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  • What is your sensitivity set up??? That your site is not shaking??? I cant set up my site,, plss help me🥺 from🇨🇿🇨🇿

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