*NEW* M249 + Extended 150 AMMO 😍 | PUBG MOBILE

1 Dek 2020
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    • Helo

      Rewel KleinRewel KleinAy əvvəl
    • @nana Gaming iPhone 12 pro max 😁

      Saif AliSaif AliAy əvvəl
    • MORDE from Turkey plays better than you!!!😂😂😂😂

      TRsüngüTRsüngüAy əvvəl
  • I dare Levino to 1v1 the legend MajidPM

    Electric playsElectric plays9 gün əvvəl
  • Levinho please try another skin of UAZ

    Haseena HussainHaseena Hussain11 gün əvvəl
  • Chinese haters hit like

    Aathi TamizahAathi Tamizah12 gün əvvəl
  • No

    Torikul Islam TaifTorikul Islam Taif12 gün əvvəl
  • Levinho which is your favourite gun ?

    Raj ManjarekarRaj Manjarekar14 gün əvvəl
  • Sometime 14 killed I just pause levinho's video 4 fingers rest

    Hussain ImaanHussain Imaan14 gün əvvəl
  • Change the landing place

    Justice SelvaJustice Selva20 gün əvvəl
  • I think he found Flair gun....😳

    Himalayan BoYHimalayan BoY24 gün əvvəl
  • The machine gun with extended mag. Would be awesome in global version

    Klein NaoulaKlein Naoula24 gün əvvəl
  • Wow what a strategy just 2 pick up a med kit👍

    Anita RabhaAnita Rabha25 gün əvvəl
  • please reveal your face

    Sarthak AdityaSarthak Aditya27 gün əvvəl
  • I recommend *genius_social* for unbanning my account successfully am so happy right now

    աɨʟʟɨaʍ s thiagoաɨʟʟɨaʍ s thiagoAy əvvəl
  • I recommend *genius_social* for unbanning my account successfully am so happy right now

    աɨʟʟɨaʍ s thiagoաɨʟʟɨaʍ s thiagoAy əvvəl
  • Hii

    Sushil YadavSushil YadavAy əvvəl
  • Search the worlds best inventory of pubg mobile the best inventory is of kuttarbussa

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  • subscribe me for find out Pakistan most "haunted" place and real "ghost" video

    Sachi KahaaniSachi KahaaniAy əvvəl
  • Once in my dream i am playing like him then after morning i realize that i don't have device😂😂😂

    Sanjay PatilSanjay PatilAy əvvəl
  • The real spectator cheating

  • 600 uc 5963989286..

    Fazal FazalFazal FazalAy əvvəl
  • 250 its too baad

    Nadeem NaushadNadeem NaushadAy əvvəl
  • Why you don't use suppressor

    Davronzoda NargisDavronzoda NargisAy əvvəl
  • *I spend most of my time in "recording" and editing. I need support of all my brother's and sisters* 🥺😭

  • Show your new controls

    Cr4zZyCr4zZyAy əvvəl
  • hello levinho and sevou, I am your loyal fan from malaysia, how do I want to be famous like you?

    Firaun GamingFiraun GamingAy əvvəl
  • Pagel mad bnao

    Jamal ShaikhJamal ShaikhAy əvvəl
  • Bhai koi m249 aye

    Jamal ShaikhJamal ShaikhAy əvvəl
  • continue

    مؤمل العلممؤمل العلمAy əvvəl
  • Why do thumbnails always lie 😰😭

    Mateen Ahmad KhokharMateen Ahmad KhokharAy əvvəl
  • Don't like this music the old one is best.

  • Follow 👉👉👉 Все обо всю

    все обо всювсе обо всюAy əvvəl
  • I am not happy to this

    Raj PalRaj PalAy əvvəl
  • Worst theme ever

    Athrong AthrongAthrong AthrongAy əvvəl
  • I love you so much and I hope to play with you. I learned a lot from you. You are a professional and you are my best player

    Brahim hachlafBrahim hachlafAy əvvəl
  • ليفينهو ما اسم الاغنيه بلبدايه

    Sarah FadhilSarah FadhilAy əvvəl
  • جميل جداً روعة أريد بلكت تشحنلي سيزن واحد فقط

    ابن العراقابن العراقAy əvvəl
  • Bro like this vidio

    Amit WaskelAmit WaskelAy əvvəl
  • Lots of love from Malaysia 🇲🇾❤️ Btw watch my gameplay guys 🔥

    SHARKSHARKAy əvvəl
  • Abe chutie shi likha kr 150 ammo gand me leli kia

  • MORDE from Turkey plays better than you!!!😂😂😂😂

    TRsüngüTRsüngüAy əvvəl
  • الله يخلف على ايمي بس

    Turki AlharbiTurki AlharbiAy əvvəl
  • Which device?

    M.A. KhanM.A. KhanAy əvvəl
  • Bgg bhoshi ke

    Mohd RashidMohd RashidAy əvvəl
  • Levihno do you understand Chinese

    Ayozy RasheedAyozy RasheedAy əvvəl
  • when levinho enter a mach other players left the mach

    navid habibinavid habibiAy əvvəl
  • Feet or sevou and you are the same person ❤️

    LeZeeN ,LeZeeN ,Ay əvvəl
  • From that vidoe i know that 😍 it is good if have chance to spend all of it

    Saeid DuskiSaeid DuskiAy əvvəl
  • Levinho I was watching video on channel Levkin and hi was killed you Because you had SKS

    Макс КозаченкоМакс КозаченкоAy əvvəl
  • Where is 150 ammo wtf?🤨

    SunilSunilAy əvvəl
  • Where is 50 ammo

    Brown SainBrown SainAy əvvəl
  • Please change your outfit because you are levinho not a normal player 🔥

  • Lrvinho how to download chines virsion in android plz

  • Wear the guile suit

    Prat RavlaPrat RavlaAy əvvəl
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Aeman ZaheerAeman ZaheerAy əvvəl
  • 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

    Nisa NeegarNisa NeegarAy əvvəl
  • helo my ferenh😈😈

    shoxjahon shoxjahonshoxjahon shoxjahonAy əvvəl
  • I never heard the voice of levino .. plz make a video with your voice

    Aditya ThakurAditya ThakurAy əvvəl
  • Levinho please change your bgm

    Richu RahilRichu RahilAy əvvəl
  • 07:34

    Md Naushad KhanMd Naushad KhanAy əvvəl
  • Levinho please help me... Give me RP

    Eakub AliEakub AliAy əvvəl
  • يخي احب امك ي روحي انت🥵😎.

    شادي ١٣شادي ١٣Ay əvvəl
  • I wish m249 was in global map

    Eshan MoqaddasEshan MoqaddasAy əvvəl
    • With 150 ammo

      Eshan MoqaddasEshan MoqaddasAy əvvəl
  • I saw a minimum of 3 health kits whan he was searching it

    ᴊᴏᴋᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ YTᴊᴏᴋᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ YTAy əvvəl
  • 💚💚💚

    Algddafi 88Algddafi 88Ay əvvəl
  • 0:20 there's a glitch in plane

    M Vijayagurumoorthy A13M Vijayagurumoorthy A13Ay əvvəl
  • What song 0:25

    Dwiki DarmawanDwiki DarmawanAy əvvəl
  • Amn kurd m

    Rdtfyg IjihugfRdtfyg IjihugfAy əvvəl
  • Please change the intro music put back the Old city new school music please levinho

    Terminator ArmyTerminator ArmyAy əvvəl
  • Let's have 1v1 tdm match between sevou and levinho

    Vishal WaghelaVishal WaghelaAy əvvəl
  • m249 was a realy good

    علیرضا دیباییعلیرضا دیباییAy əvvəl
  • Levinho he actually had an M416 but when he sees another one he picked it up that totally amazing 💥💥😆😆

  • Levinho also have some good songs for the intro of his videos ..

    Marcus HutchinsonMarcus HutchinsonAy əvvəl
  • How many times have you got banned or reported

    BH SpookyBH SpookyAy əvvəl
  • You are not more than a laiyer

    Shahida MalikShahida MalikAy əvvəl
  • Haker

    Sana KhanSana KhanAy əvvəl
  • just looking for attention, even though there is an M249 + extended 150 AMMO

    Muhammad HardiansyahMuhammad HardiansyahAy əvvəl
  • New Video And New Song 😍😍😍

    Mr King Gaming YTMr King Gaming YTAy əvvəl
  • Kasam sa big fan bahi

    Mohd AbdullahMohd AbdullahAy əvvəl
  • Kasum sa big fan bahi

    Mohd AbdullahMohd AbdullahAy əvvəl
  • Hi

    Davar ShamalDavar ShamalAy əvvəl
  • Kasum sa big fan

    Mohd AbdullahMohd AbdullahAy əvvəl
  • I love M416 joker skin🔥

    Hari HaranHari HaranAy əvvəl
  • Last funny moment was at the uaz spray.when levino got chicken dinner

    Imza JanImza JanAy əvvəl
  • Osm

    Night GaMmerNight GaMmerAy əvvəl
  • Good game levinho

    Muhammad AhmadMuhammad AhmadAy əvvəl
  • I want to see your K.D please

    Irshad ansariIrshad ansariAy əvvəl
  • levinho and sevou are liers

    Mukesh MukeshMukesh MukeshAy əvvəl
  • Thank god that u changed the intro song 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Sayyed HuzaifaSayyed HuzaifaAy əvvəl
  • he playing with airpods

    DaGu HDDaGu HDAy əvvəl
  • R u Indian

  • When show u r tire

    Gulfey lemonGulfey lemonAy əvvəl
  • Bro where do you live please tell me

    Vinod RabadVinod RabadAy əvvəl
  • just miss 2.35 ,

  • U chang beral skinn

    Jd solankiJd solankiAy əvvəl
  • Rekt aim 11:20

    A Google UserA Google UserAy əvvəl
  • Sound delay

    Ground zer0Ground zer0Ay əvvəl
  • Do you have another channel? I saw another channel name with levinho written

    Buuya AbaasBuuya AbaasAy əvvəl
  • 4x on m4 potato but 4x on m249 is so freaking op🔥

    farhan amirfarhan amirAy əvvəl
  • I have the same bag skin 😘

    COMMON VideosCOMMON VideosAy əvvəl
  • At the begining the two squad will say solo at our right but little does they not know is tht that one solo is gonna wipe them

    Morris TeteaMorris TeteaAy əvvəl