Bridge Block With BOAT ⛵️ | PUBG MOBILE

22 Noy 2020
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Bridge camping with a boat
Business inquires ( Do not ask for RP here! )
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  • Bro Levinho you told us in previous video that PUBG mobile download size is smaller now this is lie bro I downloaded it had been download by 650mb under the game not in play store

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  • 1:02 M762 didn't reload

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  • Because The Enemy Is Hacking

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  • When I play with you it will be like Bridge Blocking with the 'GOAT'

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  • By 14:12 there was a 8x why didn't u take it

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  • Bro make more videos with your brother seveo

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  • I hv never seen such a good heart personality..and i pretty sure despite of this game you must be soo good in your personal lifem

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  • Who else here motivate to play and rush squad when watching levinho's play?

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  • Who else here motivate to play and rush squad when watching levinho's play?

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  • He Left the 8x...

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  • Awesome Tough Game... Love it

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  • Five minutes silent for those who love levinho sevou instead of conquerors player

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  • When levihno lands - M762 When I land - short gun, extended mag Like if same happens with u....

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    • When levihno uses vss- 7 killed When I use vss - U were killed by someone....

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  • This type of bridges block was already done by 90sgameryt😀 from tamil nadu

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  • Levinho plzzz play one game with me 🥺🥺🥺 I will give u my character id to accept my req. Only one game plzzzz ❤️ By the way love your vedio and love you so much ♥️😘

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