He Danced In Front Of Me | PUBG MOBILE

12 Yan 2021
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  • Levinho after saving an enemy and then giving him AWM, telling to kill him and then saying, Good Game! How much humble does a person can get? 😵❤️🤩😂

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  • He dansed in front of u then he dansed in the lobby with his teammates 😂

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  • Lavinho you are king of pubg Love u bro,😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  • Very funy gameplay you let him kill you

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  • 7:16 the enemy throwing gas can, maybe he hope that will blow and kill levinho

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  • salute to levinho 💯 this is a real definition of a good humble yet powerful player 😍

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  • 11:13 The moment you’re looking for Livinho meets a fan of his

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  • Haters :I should report him he is TEAMING UP

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  • 11:40 That fan was lying in front of Levinho... Levinho : Nooo Broooooooooo : ( Thats why i love him!!!

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