AWM Vs MK14 | Who Will Win? | PUBG MOBILE

2 Yan 2021
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    • its ok dont cut the sound when hear it angr lol i understand what he said

      manou hamzmanou hamz14 gün əvvəl
    • I do Solo vs Squad, can someone tell honestly that my gameplay is good enough or not?

      Sweety GamingSweety Gaming17 gün əvvəl
    • I do Solo vs Squad, can someone tell honestly that my gameplay is good enough or not?

      Sweety GamingSweety Gaming17 gün əvvəl
    • I'd. pubg

      Sajjad KhanSajjad Khan20 gün əvvəl
    • Big fan Sir 😘😘😘

      SONU MONSONU MON21 gün əvvəl
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  • One time levenho had 0 kill but still had chicken dinner know why because when he entered the lobby everyone left

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  • Казактар барма ✊

    Sakosh Pishnan OreoSakosh Pishnan Oreo8 gün əvvəl
  • The best Levinho in the world ❤️❤️

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  • Where u from?

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  • Hey bro , goze was offline😂😂

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  • Love levihno

  • Big fan

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    • shut up

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  • sub mr.simon plys

    Rakshika MagarRakshika Magar14 gün əvvəl
  • Mk 14 for me

    GC 123 ChannelGC 123 Channel14 gün əvvəl
  • You are a great Player Bro... Big fan

  • Dargali u shud help him properly work as a team. He has revived u several times

    Judas PriestJudas Priest15 gün əvvəl
  • where is AWM !?

    Mohammed Al-kindiMohammed Al-kindi15 gün əvvəl
    • That's m24

      Dev DixitDev Dixit14 gün əvvəl
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  • Just realized that before Levinho gets into a vehicle he goes prone?

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  • Nice 👍👍

    Eddy DharEddy Dhar17 gün əvvəl
  • You pubg KING happy journey you all video super

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  • You pubg KING happy journey you all video super

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  • Face reveal!!

    Irfan AhmadIrfan Ahmad17 gün əvvəl
  • Levhino's team mate is such a pain in the a**

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  • Imagin getting a heart from levinho😋😍❤

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  • The only thing I hear in video=EXCELLENT WORK 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pilish help

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  • Imagine if everybody stopped asking for like from lev🙃

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  • If somebody provides me 5 times revive I can win every game too:)

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  • No pubg in mobile but still watching Levinho match..........😎❤️❤️❤️

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  • You are pro❣️❣️❣️I love you and nice vireo 👌👌👌

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  • I'm your fan from Sri Lanka bro I like to play one match with you 🤩🤩🤩

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  • Wow 😍 super

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  • the best win awm

    Mohamed KuukuuMohamed Kuukuu19 gün əvvəl
  • برا لیڤنهو ئادامنوە لبگرە

    Koko AkreKoko Akre19 gün əvvəl
  • I wanto to shoot wit m7...but a lot of recoil...who can help me

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  • Face reveal❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • i will always love your vidssssss :)

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  • Gaming Stile Are Amazing 💫

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  • I didn't see this but levinho only win

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  • u spend alot on game and never do giveaway...

    DaRK LorDDaRK LorD20 gün əvvəl
  • It is not abaut gun it is abaut shooter

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  • Plz and me royl pass

  • Love you💝

  • I like you

  • I love you

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  • he littralyy threw the granade at his teamate

    Yu ChanYu Chan20 gün əvvəl
  • i need your help

    Arora GamingArora Gaming20 gün əvvəl
  • That way he want throw the smoke but the bomb 😂

    Arisya NadhiraArisya Nadhira20 gün əvvəl
  • how do you play pro which device you use please tell]

    savita bhoirsavita bhoir20 gün əvvəl
  • Plz give me heart

    PRX GAMINGPRX GAMING20 gün əvvəl
  • Mk or Awm who will win?? Ans: Levinho

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  • هه ر هه بى جافيمن دليمن ❤LEVINHO❤

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  • That squad player named "Excellent Work"

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  • PoLis

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  • Your brother name is Ali

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  • Will levinho play classics with aim assist of🤔

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  • Teman lemah

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  • Ask to his heart how much he struggled for making this much of subscibers at a moment opening chanal

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  • who are here from india

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  • Everyone's reaction after watching levinho: WOW 😲😲😲😲 Me: How a Human can play like this 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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  • You killed 19 and your teammate knocked out 20+time🐼🐼

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  • Getting heart from levhinonis as rare as finding flare gun

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  • 1 headshot missed by awm , 1.5 seconds for reloading . 4 shots from mk14 , rest in peace .

    PUBG KEEDAPUBG KEEDA21 gün əvvəl
  • I feel mk14 is a beast

    PUBG KEEDAPUBG KEEDA21 gün əvvəl
  • Sir superb gameplay

  • Any indian fans like here

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  • Mk14 vs Groza

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  • Do shotgun challenge

  • 3.25 Dargali repeat excellent work to Levinho because you take all the loot😆

  • Lmaoooo levinho almost threw a gernade lmao

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  • 4:10

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  • dude... it was M24

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  • Hi bro I'm big fans you

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  • Levinho will win ;)

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  • Why people are unliking levinho video lol

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